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29 March 2014

I opened a society6 shop

Hi, I wanted to let you know that I opened a society 6 shop. Society6 is a website where artists can sell their artwork as just art prints but also on a t-shirt form american appearl which is quite awesome. You can also put you artwork on clocks, mugs, laptop skins and even shower curtains :) which is quite cool as well. Especially my illustrations of Chanel No5 perfume will be amazing in the bathroom. So I will just post some "highlights"/cool stuff that's for sale.

The link to my account/shop: Cinnamoncafexx

So here is the funny shower curtain, it would be so cute :) 

I made this illustration today and I'm still kind of totally in love with it.

My version of the trendy perfume t-shirts

I really love this clock, perhaps I'll even order it for myself because it would look amazing with the style of my bedroom. 

Does anyone of you also have society6? Let me know, perhaps we could follow each others artwork :).

xx Ismene


  1. Amazing items!
    Thank you for your comment!
    I am following you on GFC hope you follow back!

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  2. Wat een gave tekeningen zeg, heel knap gedaan! :)


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